Key Elements of an Immigration Service

Key Elements of an Immigration Service

Immigration services are an administrative agency of the Department of Homeland Security, which supervises the country’s immigration and naturalization policy. It was established in 1966 as part of the Immigration and Naturalization Service Act. The agency’s mandate is to administer immigration, border security, federal law, and immigration laws among many others. The immigration law regulates the admission of individuals. In addition, the immigration law establishes the procedures for the naturalization of immigrants, grants rights to unlawful aliens, and specifies penalties for illegal immigrant crimes. As the government’s chief administrative department responsible for the administration of immigration-related matters, the department is quite busy all year round dealing with millions of cases.

There are quite a few immigration services in India that have been established to assist with the administration of immigration matters.

Naturalization Service:

The naturalization service helps aliens who are unable to obtain employment or are otherwise unable to establish permanent residency due to certain reasons such as unlawful entry, a violation of immigration law, membership in a terrorist group, or involvement in criminal activity. The process of naturalization starts when the alien applies along with relevant documents to the designated officer. After reviewing the documents if it is found suitable for immigration, the officer issues a visa. Upon receipt of a visa, aliens need to appear in immigration court within three days to apply for adjustment of status, review of status, and removal from the country.

Deportation/ Removal Services:

These are immigration services provided by various Departments of Agencies. These include Immigration, Customs, and Border Protection; Citizenship and Immigration Services; Naturalization and Border Protection; Social Security Administration; Emergency Assistance to Lawfully Admitted Immigrants (USHER) Program and Naturalization Division. The Deportation and Removal Services assists the Government in removing aliens convicted of criminal conduct, tax fraud, national security threats, immigration fraud, and other crimes. Deportation officers are part of the Immigration and Customs Services (ICE). They can provide information on applying for removal, providing fingerprints, providing immigration advice, and providing temporary residence in any country.

Enforcement and Compliance Services:

These are the main components of immigration law enforcement agencies. The Immigration Enforcement Act of 1996 established the National Immigration Officer (EO) within the Department of Justice (DOJ). Within the EO are the Immigration Judges Pool (jails), the Immigration Tribunal, Immigration Review Centers, and the Immigration Services.

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