Think Again About Adjustable Office Chairs

Ever thought about the function of an adjustable office chair? So anybody can sit on it, while in the office, working, surely? This is about as far as most people, including office workers, ever go. But these few words do not do justice to the humble and ubiquitous adjustable working chair.

Modern adjusting office chairs are THE most used and most influential piece of office furniture. They directly impact the productivity of office workers.

Just think about the average occupancy ratio of the adjusting chair compared to say the CEO’s chair or even the reception furniture. They have to be both comfortable and made for heavy duty.

To really understand the value of a chair that adjusts, it is important to understand a little of the science of ergonomics. Ergonomics is the study of workers relationships to furniture, tools and machinery in use in the workplace.

The prime directive is to improve productivity by eliminating sources of muscular stress and body fatigue. Good ergonomic design of adjustable office chairs makes them user friendly to the ‘sitter’ and avoids the health hazards and physical stresses of poor working posture.

But what is it about the adjustable chair that is actually adjusted? There are three ways that good chairs adjust to the sitter’s individual physique. 오피

1) The height of seat from floor to knees. Effective ergonomic design starts at floor level and the most comfortable position for working. This is, when it comes to adjustable chairs, with the feet flat and the calves rising straight up. Because the adjustable office seat is for general use of employees and each individual will have a different knee height, so the height of the seat needs to be set according to the sitter and by the sitter.

2) The height of the lumbar support and headrest from seat to neck. The human spine is most comfortable when vertical and held so gently by the lumbar support of an adjustable office chair. Most workers slouch with poor effect on the life-long maintenance of the spine. Employers have a responsibility to not cause ill health by bending spines away from the vertical for prolonged periods.

3) The height of the armrest from seat to elbow. The adjustable office chair needs to get the sitter close to the desk. So the armrests should fit below the desktop. They should also support arms from elbow to wrist and close to 90 degrees relative to upper arms. So again adjustability is the key ergonomic function of the adjustable office chair.



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