LED Signs – How They Can Help You Business

LED signs have really revolutionized the world of signage.  In days past, signs were hand painted or carved from wood.  I’ll admit that there is a certain charm to these old signs and in many businesses, they still have their place.

Other types of signs that have been used by businesses are metal signs, neon signs, machine printed signs, and plastic signs.

LED stands for light emitting diode.  LED lights are basically very tiny light bulbs that don’t produce heat, are very durable, inexpensive to make, and inexpensive to operate.

An LED sign consists of a circuit board with hundreds or in some c LED neon signs  ases, thousands of tiny LED’s arranged in rows.  These lights are all connected to a power source and a computer processor.

The main advantage that these signs can offer businesses is programability.  Businesses can make manual changes to the message that they want their customers to see from a computer.  A good example of how LED signs are better would be to think about a traditional plastic letter sign.  The business must have an employee use a long pole with a suction cup to arrange letters on the sign to spell out the desired message.  It’s common to see missing letters and upside down letters on these signs.  They can be quite labor intensive to change.  Since the messages don’t get changed very frequently, people get accustomed to the same message and the sign looses effectiveness.  In a sense, it becomes invisible to customers.  If customers don’t see the sign, you might as well not have it.  It’s basically useless as an advertising tool.

Businesses who utilize programmable LED signs have a huge advantage over those with static signs.  If they so choose, a new message can be programmed into the sign as often as they like.  Sports scoreboards are good examples of the ability to frequently update messages can be useful.  Businesses can list special promotions on their programmable lighted signs to drum up business that might otherwise be missed.

Advertising is the number one way for a business to draw in customers and once they have them, keep them.  This technology will help businesses do just that.


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