How to Save on Replacement Batteries

Before you purchase your next replacement batteries for your APC UPS, Motorola two-way radios, or mobile computer, think twice on where you buy your batteries from. The markups on most batteries that come from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) are high. They know that most customers won’t give it a second thought when replacement batteries are needed so they usually jack up the price. In fact, most manufacturers have much higher profit margins on batteries and other accessories then they do on the primary product that you purchased. Think about it. When a person needs a battery for their particular device more often than not they will simply call the manufacturer or reseller that they bought the hardware from. We are all busy so who has time to monkey around with batteries anyway, right? Lifepo4 Battery Manufacturers

Buying replacement batteries from a 3rd party vendor, instead of the OEM, is a smart way to save money. In fact you may find that the 3rd party battery manufacturer may provide a higher capacity battery then the OEM. However, you have to be careful on where you buy your batteries from. If you do any searching on the Internet you will find several Chinese companies that make batteries for your particular device, but buyer beware! More often than not these batteries are far cheaper then what your OEM charges but what you will get is a much lower quality product due to the materials used and lackluster engineering.

This is not to say that any battery that comes from China is of poor quality. In fact, most batteries or battery parts used for electronic devices do come from China, Taiwan, or Japan. Sometimes these batteries will ship to the U.S. either fully assembled or partially assembled. What you have to be concerned about is not so much on where the finally assembly took place but who the vendor is that backs the product.

A reputable battery manufacturer will use quality plastics, longer lasting cells and utilize better manufacturing methods to ensure quality. Most batteries will work just fine initially but after a couple of months of use is when problems may incur. So how do you know if a battery manufacturer uses qualities materials unless you ask? One way to determine good batteries from not so good is the type of warranty or guarantee that is offered. The warranty is a good initial indicator but some providers may say they offer a great warranty but when the time comes to repair or replace a faulty battery you get the run around.



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