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We started our magical journey into psychedelic Pisces in the past few weeks. Some may have become enchanted with this interesting energy that seems to be making life and relationship so easy right now, seeing one rainbow after another. Others may have become more confused along their path, as if they have walked into a fog and can no longer determine what direction that they are headed. This is a time where we want to take slow, careful steps, while trusting our intuition. An inner struggle between logic and our heart. We can ask ourselves, ‘What do I want?’. Then asking again, if we will take this at face value’. Can we accept the realistic image, without hoping that things might change to be better? We walk along this blurry path now, with our concentration solely on our desire… but an odd scattered feeling may feel as we are being tugged into another direction, leading us off into the unknown. At times, we may need to stop in our path to see what is truly calling our attention. We may be wanting the easy way out and settling, while avoiding the hard work and self-respect that reality delivers. Our imagination is heightened, which can benefit us in creative ways to expand ourselves and our surroundings. If we choose to ignore being experimental and adventurous, the energy can leave us feeling lost with an unusual heaviness of sluggishness.

To add to the ‘drunken’ energy that some of us may be experiencing, Mercury (communications) exits intelligent Aquarius, and dives into delusional Pisces March 1. Our thought-processing and speech can become muddled as we are not completely clear as to what we are trying to express. Our vision becomes blurred, and we can see only see, what we want to see. It may be tough to comprehend and face facts now. What we see or hear, is not exactly what we get, but if we’re floating on cloud nine, we don’t really care (at least for now). Eventually this cloud will disappear, and we’ll eventually have to wake up when reality confronts us about our disregarding attitude. We must do our best to be wise in making decisions, using a healthy balance of practicality. We may experience more intuitive insights at this time and flaunt with psychic thoughts and dreams. Enjoy this delicious activity… relax, take a break, and be swooned by fantasies. It is a Neptunian gift from the heavens, but we must find time to listen to our own gut when something doesn’t quite feel right. As Mercury adjusts himself in Pisces, we slip on our ‘beer googles’, and we’re not quiet capable of making the smartest decisions based on our own moral standards. We’re accepting whatever comes our way that will make us feel good for the moment. In romance, this is a yummy time to enjoy sensual temptations if we are not thinking about dedication and commitment. The energy is at a creative high, and sexual needs increase with a need to express our deepest desires. We may feel that we are capable of forgiving others and healing the past, with little effort. Use this magical period to see the possibilities that can be. Artistic and musical endeavors can develop a genius piece of work if they can allow themselves to escape the real world. This is also a good time to work with business ideas and new advertising. Decorate your world, your home, or business with your personal vision. Word and thoughts do become slippery in Pisces, and as fast as it drops into our hands, is as fast that it slips through our fingers. Commitments, agreements, contracts and promises should be used with precaution and a strong dose of common sense. aries horoscope

We are sensitive with Sun, Uranus, and Mercury in vulnerable Pisces, and our immune system can become weak. Illnesses such as the common cold, flu, and fatigue may feel welcomed if we are not alert and taking care of ourselves. The more sensitive, the more emotional eating can develop, along with any other form of escapism such as food, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. Pisces thrives for water to flow smoothly, so use water often now… washing our hands regularly, showering, drinking plenty of fluids, digesting soup, etc.

As Venus leaves charming Pisces and enters heroic Aries March 7, our desires shift from the fantasy of make-believe, and enter needs that result in more more passion and excitement. We want more now, than just relaxing in the heavenly waters, and we’re willing to risk it all for adventure. In relationships, confusion may develop with such a strong dramatic shift… as “one moment everything was fine – and now it’s not” attitude? Acting quickly, we can appear to be displeased with the current situation, as our jittery need for more action turns challenging. Venus rules both our money and relationships, and we may feel we need to make them work for us. This new ‘high’ can instigate uneasiness and quarrels in our relationships, and possibly over finances too, as ego becomes more involved. Communication of what we’re experiencing is the key to get to the heart of the matters, especially as Mercury in Pisces can be confusing our vision for the next few weeks.


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