Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Well I have begun my New Year the way I’ve started many others. Determined and depressed. How can you have the same feelings at the same time? Oh well, I promised to be honest, so we will be more determined together ok? There are two sides to depression, the feeling and the action(or inaction as the case may be). It is not good to suppress your feelings but it is not good to be dictated by them either. Acknowledge your feelings! ” I don’t want to write this, I don’t want to do anything!” ” I’m off of work today!” “I just want to go back to bed!” “I can’t eat if I’m sleeping right?” Does that make us feel better? Probably not but this does. I’m writing. Action slowly causes those feelings to disapate. If not then you might need to seek professional help. Still with me? Then Let’s begin!

I listed foods that I like that are good to eat and here are a few:

1. Whole grain and natural carbohydrates. Raw and plain potatoes. Whole grain cereals, like oatmeal. Brown rice and similar grains. The closer to the dirt the better it is.

2. Beans and legumes- If you eat from this group, good for you! Keep it up, try dishes with beans that used to have meat in them, like casseroles! If you don’t eat beans you need to try to find some that you will eat. Ask for bean dishes at restaurants. Try exotic places and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

3. Fruits and Vegetables- Eat as many raw as possible! Cook the others as little as possible. Frozen and canned are OK if nothing else is available but no heavy syrup fruits.

4. Fish- I can not stress enough the importance of eating fish. Especially if you are limiting your intake of red meats(a good idea.) I know a lot of people who say “I don’t like/eat fish”. Again, go to a restaurant to experience different kinds of fish. That is how I discovered tilapia and scrod for the first time. Like I’ve stated, I know plenty of people who won’t eat fish. Most of them are overweight. Enough said. visit:-happynewyear2022status.com

How about exercise? Well since I am off today I need to do more than I do in the course of a normal day. (I know, I feel like resting, relaxing, it is my day off!) I will start by walking to the rental office to pay my rent. Now to be honest I had planned to drive but I forgot to stop there on the way back from dropping off my daughter at school. Well good. I can walk. My reason for not exercising has always been laziness of course but also pain. It hurts to walk. But my mantra for this year is “Well hell it hurts anyway whether I walk or not!” Lets start to push this body this year! Let’s see what we are made of! Let’s begin ok?

Next, I will start to write down all that I eat and drink and how I move. I have never done this successfully before but I’ve been told it is critical for success. Now please don’t compare what I eat with what you “should eat” I am 350 pounds for a reason. Just like our parents said “Don’t do what I do, do what i say” Challenge yourself! Do better than me! I also need to be encouraged by you. Please Email me with your comments, good or bad. Criticism is the beginning of learning, if you are humble. I am not an exercise expert. I am not a diet expert. I am not being sponsored by any diet company. I am just a fat guy really wanting to lose weight. I am getting married this Valentine’s Day. I need to do this now. do you have a motivating goal? Do you have a person who will help you when it gets difficult? I will be that person for you. Let me help you, we can help each other. Let’s begin.

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