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Get You Window Tinted Illinois is one of the best window tinting companies within the Elgin region. They offer a range of window film, and also offer mobile service to your home or office. The company has been around for more than 10 years that means you can count on them to handle all your window tinting needs!

Window tinting is vital because it prevents harmful UV rays from entering your vehicle or home. The sun’s radiation can cause a many damages to your interior, including cracking leather seats or fading upholstery. The sun’s radiation can cause woodwork in homes to fade away over time!

It is advisable to immediately consider tinting your windows for all kinds of vehicles used regularly and especially in an area with high sunlight exposure all year. Cars such as convertibles can be damaged because of extreme heat exposure in the season when they’re driving a lot.

Window Tinting Benefits

There are numerous advantages to window tinting. Some of the most well-known ones include:

  • The protection from UV-rays that cause harm – This is among the greatest benefits of window tints, and it’s why they’re so sought-after by those who live in areas that see plenty of sun throughout the entire year. The darker your windows get during the summer months, the more security you’ll enjoy!
  • Privacy: You can opt to tint your windows in the amount you prefer so that people outside cannot see inside. This is a fantastic choice for those looking to have some privacy inside their vehicle in particular if they’re travelling with expensive items inside.
  • Reducing glare under direct sunlight is extremely difficultand could often result in accidents. Window tints aid in reducing glare from the sun, which helps drivers to see what’s in front of them.
  • In Illinois Window tinting laws in Illinois specify that front-facing windows must let at least 35% light to enter, and back side and rear windows must allow at least 20% of light in. But, these percentages could be altered or increased depending on the specific needs of the driver. For instance, drivers who travel for long distances during the daytime may want to opt for windows with darker shades so they can sleep more easily at night.

Ceramic Window Tinting

Ceramic window film is a newer type of window tint which offers several advantages. One of the primary benefits of tints made of ceramic is that they can stop UV and infrared radiation. This means that they will help protect your car’s interior from fading and also keep you and your passengers cooler during the summer months.

Ceramic window film are offered in a variety of shades, so you’ll be able to pick the one that best suits your car’s style. They’re also thinner than traditional window tints, which makes them less obvious on the exterior.

If you’re looking for top-quality window tints which offers the highest level of protection and protection, then ceramic window tints are definitely worth a look. Contact us today to find out more about them.


If you’re in search of window films to get protection from the sun and fade, then you must consider Ceramic window film. They are available in many shades and are extremely light. Contact us today for more about these!

Cutting Edge Window Tinting provides ceramic window films for homes as well as businesses in the Illinois area. The films are made of a special ceramic material that has been designed to protect your car’s interior, while also adding an extra touch of class.

If you are looking for 5percent window tinting or something more aggressive like 20%of the tint, we are able to offer it. Our window tinting is backed by a lifetime guarantee which means you can ensure that your investment will be protected.

To begin, contact us today to schedule an appointment! We would be happy be able to help you with any queries that you may have and also provide a complimentary consultation. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed by choosing Cutting Edge Window Tinting for all your window film requirements!


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