What To Do If You Have A Tire Blowout In A Rental Car

What To Do If You Have A Tire Blowout In A Rental Car


Before you go on your trip, it’s important to be aware of the risks of tire blowouts while renting a vehicle. Luckily, there are many ways to minimize the risk of a tire blowout. To start, make sure to inspect the tires before you rent luxury cars in Dubai. If they don’t look brand new, ask the rental car company for another one or get a different vehicle. Also, steer clear of potholes and debris.

Safety cones:

Safety cones are an essential part of any emergency kit. They should be placed between the car and the road, about two car lengths away from the vehicle’s rear. In addition, they should be visible to other drivers. Ensure the LED lights’ battery is charged before deploying the safety cones.

Whether driving a rental car or owning a car, you should always have safety cones and road flares ready to use. When you have a tire blowout, it’s important to be visible. Road flares, safety cones, and vests can help protect you and other drivers.

Keeping eyes on the road:

The first thing to do when you have a tire blowout in a rented car is to stay alert and focused on the road. Keeping your eyes on the road will ensure you don’t hit anyone or anything else. If you are not comfortable driving on the road, it can be not easy to know what to do.

Changing a blown tire:

If you’re driving a rental car, you may wonder how to change a blown tire. It is best to seek help from a roadside assistance service. If you’re uncomfortable changing a tire, you should contact the rental car service provider and ask for their service policy.

Usually, you’ll be covered by roadside assistance if you have the right coverage. However, if you’re not covered, you might be responsible for paying for a new tire. You can negotiate a discount with the rental car company.

Liability insurance:

If you have a tire blowout in a rental vehicle, you must know your rights and how to file a claim. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to sue the rental car company or the manufacturer of the tire. However, the process is complicated and requires expert help. In such cases, you will need to hire an attorney with experience handling tire blowout claims.

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