Top 5 Signs Of Vehicle Transmission Problems

Top 5 Signs Of Vehicle Transmission Problems


Having a working transmission is essential for your car. If your vehicle doesn’t have one, you may experience significant driving delays, leading to accidents. If you notice any of the following signs, you should have your transmission checked out by a mechanic. Find here the major warning signs that your vehicle transmission has a problem. Check this for regular luxury car service in Dubai.

If the car is clunking and grinding between gears

One of the easiest ways to tell if your car has a transmission problem is to pay attention to how you shift. If you notice that your car is clunking and grinding between gears, this may indicate that the transmission is faulty. A good rule of thumb is to shift your vehicle into gear after obtaining input from the driver first.

Burning smells

In addition to shifting problems, you should be on the lookout for a burning smell in your car. This smell can be caused by several reasons, including a leak in your transmission or a melted heater core. If you can find the source of the smell, you should flush it out to avoid future problems. A burning smell in your vehicle can signify a more serious problem, so be sure to take it to a mechanic immediately.

Check engine light

Another sign of a transmission problem is a check engine light. While this isn’t necessarily an indicator of an issue, a light should be on to give drivers an indication of what’s going on. If your vehicle’s check engine light is on, you should immediately take it to a mechanic for a thorough inspection. If your car is a manual transmission, you should also note that the gears will be clunking and grinding while you’re shifting.

Look for the color of the transmission fluid

You should also pay attention to the color of the transmission fluid. This should be transparent and reddish. It should also have a slightly sweet odor. A leaky transmission is a serious matter and requires immediate attention.

Check if the fluid level is low

You should also check the fluid level on your car’s transmission dipstick. If the fluid is low, you may leak. A leaky transmission can lead to significant damage to your vehicle. It’s also possible to have your vehicle overheat if the fluid is low.

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