Things You Should Know When Deciding On Car Batteries 


Car batteries are essential to the smooth functioning of a vehicle. They provide power to the car’s electrical systems and are responsible for the starting, lighting, and ignition functions. Some batteries also power the infotainment system. In addition to powering the vehicle, batteries also provide power for accessories and interior and exterior lighting. If you are looking for a battery distributor in Dubai to buy a good battery, here is useful information for you.

Benefits of buying a car battery:

One of the benefits of buying a car battery from a distributor is that you can save money. Buying car batteries individually can cost more money in the long run. Bulk purchases of car batteries are also advantageous for businesses. Purchasing car batteries in bulk is a profitable business model for companies that sell many cars.

Car batteries come in different sizes and types. Hence, it is important to buy the correct size for your car. Moreover, make sure the battery has the right terminals. You can refer to the owner’s manual or an in-store battery fit guide.

Types of car batteries:

There are many types of car batteries, each with its pros and cons. Twelve-volt car batteries are commonly found in most cars. They provide a steady electricity supply to the car’s electrical system and are maintenance-free. The basic car battery is the starting, lighting, and ignition (SLI) battery, which provides enough power to start the car and run basic accessories. However, these batteries are only sometimes reliable, and older models often require distilled water to keep the electrolyte solution balanced.

When buying a new car battery, it’s important to choose the right group size. Remember, a battery that needs the right size or position will not work in your vehicle. You also want a battery that has a high CCA rating, which measures how well the battery performs in cold conditions.

Heat affects the life of car batteries:

The harsh summer weather is tough on car batteries, as higher temperatures have a greater impact on the power-generating chemistry inside the battery. In addition to being uncomfortable, hot weather also causes the battery to degrade quickly, leading to faster failure. This is why many motorists end up stranded on the side of the road during the summer. AAA reported that 1.8 million emergency calls from drivers were related to battery failure in the summer of 2018.

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