Information About The Indian E-Visa You Should Know Before Submitting Your Application

Information About The Indian E-Visa You Should Know Before Submitting Your Application


To apply for an India evisa, you must provide certain personal information and passport details. You must also upload a passport-style photo of your face that meets the Government of India’s specifications. Once you have submitted all of your details, you will need to make payment either in cash or through PayPal, which is accepted in over 135 countries.

Obtain a travel visa:

To travel to India, you must obtain a travel visa. The requirements are different for different countries. Some countries must apply for a visa through a diplomatic mission, while others can get an e-visa. ETA citizens can get an e-visa online or on arrival at the airport. Citizens of Bhutan and Nepal do not need a visa to visit India. However, they need to have a passport to enter India. Once in India, they can stay there for an unlimited period.

ETA e-visa:

You can apply for an Indian ETA e-visa online with a valid passport. This visa will give you the right to visit India for up to 90 days, but you can only get it twice a year. You must apply online and provide valid passport photos to get your ETA. Depending on your purpose, you may also have to provide a copy of your passport or other documents that show your intent to stay in India. You will also have to pay a fee online, usually via a debit card. Once you complete your application, you will receive an Application ID, and within three to five days, you will receive your ETA. You can check your ETA status online before you travel to ensure that you will receive your ETA.

ETA tourism visa:

Before you begin your Indian ETA tourism visa application, you need to understand the requirements and rules specific to this program. The first requirement is to have an Indian passport valid for at least 6 months. The passport must also have two blank pages for stamping purposes, and you should have enough money to cover the cost of your stay. Additionally, a tourist visa cannot be issued to a person with a diplomatic passport or a laissez-passer travel document.

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