How Much Does A Thai Massage Cost At A Spa?

How Much Does A Thai Massage Cost At A Spa?


Thai massages are widely available at a massage spa in Dubai marina, inexpensive and high-quality. Thai massage shops advertise their services with signs in English or Thai. Nevertheless, masseuses may speak little English. It’s best to ask before you go. Thai massages typically last about 60 minutes.

Price of a 30-minute Thai massage:

Thai massage is a popular treatment in the world. Thai massage studios are located in all areas of the city and are typically within walking distance of one another. Many of these studios offer various other spa services and package deals. You can get a 30-minute Thai massage at a spa for about AED 450 or less, depending on the type of service you want.

In Dubai, it is customary to tip the massage therapist. The amount of tip depends on where you get the massage and the type of service you receive. A typical tip is about AED 100 per half hour or 10% of the total price. Tips should be given to the massage therapist directly.

Price of a 60-minute Thai massage:

The average price of a Thai massage ranges from about DH 65 to DH 150 per hour. This can vary widely depending on the massage you get, how long you want it to last, and whether you want to add aromatherapy or other services. While some clinics are limited to massages, others offer various services, including reflexology, cupping, and reiki. Some places also offer nutritional planning, herbal care, and Thai massage.

While you should always be aware of your budget when getting a massage, you should also be honest about your health conditions. Inform your massage therapist if you recently had surgery or suffered a previous injury. It may help your therapist to avoid doing any more damage to your body. You can also file a complaint about your massage therapist or complain to the better business bureau.

Prices of adult Thai massages:

Prices of adult Thai massages at a local spa vary considerably. The most expensive are the ones at exclusive hotels and spas. However, you can find affordable massages in smaller establishments. Some of them are available for just a few dollars. For example, the price for a 60-minute massage is only AED 360. Other establishments are more affordable but still have high-quality massages.

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