Here’s Why You Should Invest In Greece Citizenship

Here’s Why You Should Invest In Greece Citizenship


Investing in Greece’s citizenship is an excellent way to become a European citizen without contributing to a cash-strapped government. In return for your investment, you receive a residence. This allows you to live in the country of your choice with complete control. The standard of living in Greece is excellent, with a good education system, dependable medical facilities, and low crime rates. If you are looking to buy passport, Greece is the best place to invest.

Investing in a property:

Investing in a property in Greece can provide you with several benefits, including Greece citizenship. While this is the most common route for citizenship, there are other methods. First, you must invest at least EUR250, 000 in a property in the country. Once you do, you will receive a residency permit for five years. After that, you must take a two-year naturalization process.

Visa-free travel throughout the EU:

Greece citizenship offers many benefits, including visa-free travel throughout the EU and access to healthcare and education. Furthermore, it provides the right to work, study, and retire in any European country. Another benefit of investing in a property in Greece is that you can bring your family members with you. Spouses, children, parents, or anyone who lives with you, may obtain Greek citizenship through a naturalization procedure.

Affordable ways to gain permanent residency:

Acquiring a Golden Visa for Greece citizenship is one of the most affordable ways to gain permanent residency in Europe. Applicants can enjoy the freedom to live, work, study, and retire anywhere in the EU. However, there are some important details to consider when applying for a Golden visa. For starters, you must have a clean criminal record. Also, the program requires you to invest enough money in Greece to qualify. The minimum investment is EUR250, 000.

Greece’s Golden visa program has enjoyed steady growth in recent years, and the benefits are undeniable. Up to now, over 28,700 residence permits have been granted to applicants, including property owners, investors, and their families. This has fueled Greece’s economy and brought in over EUR2.6 billion in foreign income.

You can apply for Greek citizenship through your grandparents or parents:

If you are not born in Greece, you can still apply for Greece citizenship through your grandparents or parents. However, the paperwork requirements are different from those of citizenship by descent. You must submit a declaration that two Greek citizens co-sign and submit it to the Greece Home Affairs or Greece Consulate. Once granted citizenship, the new citizen of Greece has a right to travel freely within the European Union.

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