DIY House Building – 4 Great Tips to Super Excavate For Less Money

Are you looking to excavate your land so you can start building a new mortgage free house? Excavating doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. I have found that you don’t have to clear away tons of topsoil in order to DIY House Build especially if the ground consistency is filled with heavier bulk like rocks and heavy clay just make sure your land has good drainage. Here are 4 tips to do it cost and time effective. stairs manufacturer

1. Get quotes – Do your homework and call different local excavator or bulldozer companies. If you have a friend who owns a bulldozer, they you might be able to strike a good deal for him to excavate the job. And go to local building stores and see if they have business cards for excavators, also ask if they know any about those companies. If you live in a small town good chances are they are friends with the owners or know something about them.

2. Talk to the Neighbors – Ask around and find out which company each neighbor used and if they had a good experience using them. Also if they did quality and timely work. If you tell them about your DIY House Building endeavors, you might just recruit a needed helper!

3. Hire an Independent – Hire someone who is not from a company but more a freelance worker who does land clearing work. Farmers can have large equipment like bulldozers and might do clearing for a small fee or maybe someone who helps in construction work.

4. Self Excavate – If you have property that doesn’t have restrictions for excavation, then you might want to do the job yourself and saving you lots of money for extra building materials. If you have trees that you want to cut down, then you will need a chainsaw, branch cutters for smaller saplings, brush trimmers, a rake and a good pair of work gloves. Watch out for poisonous plants like poison ivy.

When placing supports like piers that hold your posts up during the beginning state of house building, make sure you level out a space for each pier and clear all brush and small trees out before you start framing. And you will want to make sure the ground surface is nice and hard, no mushy spots so keep this in mind when scouting out a spot for your DIY house building project. So you can cut the corners on costs for all kinds of DIY projects and giving extra opportunity for going mortgage free!

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