Automatic Backlink Creator: A Review By Someone Who Has Used It

This Automatic Backlink Creator (ABC – neat huh!) is a paid plugin for your WordPress blog, and heck who needs to buy plugin when there are all those free ones out there. It better be good!

The best bit about it is that it will get you backlinks for ANY site you have – not just blogs.

[For a little bit of background, WordPress is the most popular free software for creating blogs, and plugins like Automatic Backlink Creator add extra functions.]

What does the Automatic Backlink Creator actually do?

Well it does what it says. It creates lots and lots of links back to your website, ie backlinks, which are vital because they are the ‘popularity contest’ on the internet.

As a rule of thumb, more backlinks means showing up higher in the search engine rankings, so more people find your site when they search, and click through to you.

You attract qualified visitors – and all for free. FREE traffic is exactly why I love SEO!

But you must get those backlinks, and creating them can be a real hassle.

What would help most is an autopilot, set-and-forget backlink generator… 구글상위노출

The Automatic Back link Creator can get backlinks in two ways.

The first way is as a direct link from other blogs that have the Automatic Backlink Creator plugin.

Each blog displays a random set of up to 10 backlinks from the Automatic Backlink Creator network using a ‘widget’. A bit like am instant blogroll, you show links from other people’s site, and they show links from yours.

But your links can point to ANY site you have. Heck they can even be affiliate links, whatever you want.

You get much more than just one link back because your links on other people’s blogs are changed each time the page is refreshed. Each time a search engine looks at the page it sees new links to follow, and some of them will be yours.

Even better, you can specify the keyword you want to show for that link AND you can give the plugin multiple keywords and have it change them randomly (ie ‘spin’ keywords.) This is much better SEO than having to choose one keyword only for your link.

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